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Invest Edo

Core Values


To make Edo State the preferred investment destination for investors by providing first class services through its team of professionals.


To work with all relevant stakeholders through a well-defined synergy and provision of excellent services to attract, stimulate and facilitate investments.

Strategic Objectives

Provide quality business data to domestic and foreign investors. Showcase the states comparative advantages. Boost ease of doing business in the state.

Edo State at a Glance

Why Invest in Edo

Prudence, accountability, and transparency make the Edo  State Government one of the most efficiently run in Nigeria with positive policy outcomes and incentives that support investors.

The State is endowed with abundant mineral and human resources which have attracted blue-chip investors like Pan Ocean, Dubri Oil, Okomu Oil Palm Company, Presco Oil, Guinness Nigeria, NPDC, etc.

With an estimated 1.1 – 1.6 million hectares of arable land and favorable ecological conditions, Edo State is well aware of its agricultural potentials, so much it generates 40% of its revenue from agricultural proceeds.Existing research institutions in the state include the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) and the Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria (RRIN) making headway in the oil palm and rubber research respectively. Edo State is undoubtedly an attractive destination for your agribusiness investments.

Edo State is the safest location for residential and commercial activities in the South-South Region. With good use of technology, Edo State Government has created an Incident Management System called SIMA (Security Incident Management Application) with the help of this tool, security agencies are well equipped with information to stop security threat even before they happen.

With a youthful, agile population, Edo state is ready to satisfy your human resource needs; facilitated by highly reputable institutions producing graduates, Edo state is home to a diverse range of educational institutions, with several Universities, Polytechnics, a College of Agriculture and Technical Colleges.shaping the future.

With daily flights to the economic nerve center (Lagos) and the political capital (Abuja), an extensive road network with other parts of Nigeria, Edo state has an innate logistical advantage. Benin is a central town on the route for road travel between the North, West, East and Southern regions of Nigeria; Benin enjoys an excellent network of internal roads; The state has committed to contractual obligations in excess of $1 billion for roads and drainage upgrade and development in preparation for required urban population expansion and dwelling comfort; The state has also invested in mass transit air-conditioned buses that ply most of these roads.

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