Edo Unveils Diaspora Investment Desk to Attract Investors

Edo Unveils Diaspora Investment Desk to Attract Investors



The Edo State Government has taken a significant step towards bolstering foreign direct investments by unveiling plans to establish a dedicated Diaspora Investment Desk.

This initiative is aimed at facilitating seamless engagement with the expansive Edo diaspora community, tapping into their expertise and resources for the advancement of the state’s economic landscape.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the House Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry Managing Director, Edo State Investment Promotion Office (ESIPO), Mr. Kelvin Uwaibi, officially introduced the ambitious undertaking and called for a fortified partnership between the esteemed 8th Edo State House of Assembly and the governmental investment entities.

The committee was inaugurated by the Deputy Speaker of the House, Mrs. Mariam Edeko, representing Esan North-East constituency, with its members charged with the paramount task of fostering an environment conducive to economic expansion and investor empowerment.

Uwaibi, who also heads the Ease of Doing Business Secretariat, emphasized: “As our lawmakers, there are some other policies that we would need you to support us with, which will soon come to your table. Such as the MSMEs Policy.

“We have done it with the help of our development partner, GIZ who will soon come to your table for legislative backing. That and the Digital Economy Policy are some of the priorities we are vigorously pursuing at the moment.”

Further accentuating his commitment to the synergy between stakeholders, Uwaibi expressed his aspirations for a harmonious coexistence between local communities and burgeoning enterprises, adding “We also hope to see you also engage with the local government, by starting from the grassroots. We want a situation where businesses and the host communities live in harmony. This will create a more friendly environment for investors which will directly benefit the host communities.”

He urged the legislative and executive arms to unite in spotlighting Edo State’s multifaceted investment prospects as according to him, “this collective effort, would serve as an enduring testament to the state’s dedication to fostering investment-driven prosperity.”

The Special Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki on Strategy, Policy, Projects, and Performance Management, Mrs. Sarah Esangbedo Ajose-Adeogun, expounded on the pivotal initiatives instigated by the state government to enhance residents’ quality of life.

These comprehensive endeavors span, she noted buoyed a wide spectrum, from the innovative tourism masterplan to transformative projects like the Benin Port Project, the Benin Enterprise Park Project, and inclusive housing schemes such as the Coral City Project and Emotan Gardens Project.

Further in her remarks, Ajose-Adeogun emphasized the imperative of intergovernmental cohesion, stating, “It tells me that there is synergy between the different arms of government. We have the vision, now we must drive it in a sustainable manner. We need to be able to share learnings and where possible, partner to ensure that we are all moving along in the same direction.”

She also underscored the concerted effort towards making Edo the quintessential place to reside and work by 2050, stressing that instituting transformative reforms remains pivotal to realizing this vision.”

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Commerce and Industry, Lecky Hussein Mustapha, representing Etsako West Constituency 1, articulated his hands-on approach to comprehending the intricacies of various government bodies.

He pledged to personally visit numerous Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) alongside his committee members to garner firsthand insights into their operations, challenges, and ways in which legislative support can be provided.

The members of the committee include Lecky Hussein Mustapha (Chairman), Uyi Frank Omosigho (Member), Ahmed Oshomah (Member), and Emankhu Isibor Addeh (Member).